Are you interested in conducting a research study?

Helpsy’s Research Platform provides customizable consent and assessment forms along with secure data tracking and patient engagement.

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How can Helpsy’s research platform help with your research needs?

Clinical Research Team

Research Participants

Electronic Health Records

  • Cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform.
  • Comprehensive patient intake form.

Patient Engagement Platform

  • Patient check-in tools.
  • Online study plan.

Secure Text Messaging

  • Reminders to follow study protocol.
  • Appointment reminders.

Online Consent Forms

  • Consent form, bill of rights and hipaa forms are available online.
  • Forms can be sent to participants from the platform.

Customized Assessment Forms

  • Questionnaires can be customized to study.
  • They can be delivered & filled out online.

Data Storage and Export

  • Study data is securely stored.
  • Data is easily exported for further analysis.

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