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Helpsy welcomes various healing modalities like...

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

How it works

Find new patients and nurture patient relationships with YOUR Helpsy profile.

Create a free Helpsy profile

A Helpsy profile gives you a free dedicated Helpsy Practice Webpage to showcase your expertise, education and awards.

Be discovered by your target audience

Our one-of-a-kind marketplace and search algorithm allows patients in need of your care to find you.

Manage your bookings online

Helpsy allows your patients to immediately book appointments online.

Set up and manage your virtual practice

Manage client health records, booking and payments all on our secure HIPAA compliant platform.

Secure Video Consults

Use Helpsy’s secure video conferencing to engage with clients from anywhere in the world.

Engage with your clients and strengthen relationships

Establish a strong care relationship with your client using our suite of online tools including treatment plan, reminders and resources.

How can people discover you?

People Discover Screen

Get discovered easily

Clients can search by therapy, condition or symptom.

Ranked matching of different modalities

Proprietary ranking algorithm sorts therapies by efficacy for condition searched.

Your Profile Listed!

Clients can find you easily and get acquainted with your practice through your personal page.

Patient Reviews

You are a great practitioner and your clients get the word out on Helpsy!

Leverage the benefits of Helpsy online tools

Dedicated Virtual Profile

Your dedicated Helpsy Virtual Profile helps clients get acquainted with you and your practice details.

Instant Booking

Clients can instantly book consults with you using Helpsy's booking and scheduling tools.

Online Payment

Helpsy allows your clients to pay you quickly and securely.

SMS Reminders

Ensure that your clients are sent friendly reminders for therapy recommendations and upcoming appointments using Helpsy's text messaging tools.

Secure Video Consults

Unable to meet a client for an in-person consult? This is no longer a problem with Helpsy's secure video consults.

Treatment Database

Our platform comes preloaded with evidence-based recommendations from over 20 healing modalities.

Secure Messaging

Communicate securely to your clients individually or as a group.

HIPAA-compliant EMR

The HIPAA-compliant Helpsy platform integrates with multiple EMR systems and allows for seamless partnerships and collaboration.

Targeted Search

Be seen by potential clients of all types, even those unaware that your specialty is an option for their condition.

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How is Helpsy Unique as a Listserv?

Helpsy’s powerful proprietary algorithm matches people’s conditions and symptoms with the therapies that most effectively treat them. People who really need you can find you!


of internet users look online for health information.


of 1100 surveyed clients want to self manage their healthcare leveraging technology.


or higher improvement in patient engagement rates seen with use of ongoing communication via apps and online portals.


satisfaction rates for both patients and physicians seen with increased online client involvement.


of surveyed clients said that easy access to their own electronic health data would improve their understanding of their own health and patient-to-physician communication.