Improve quality care for cancer survivors as they transition beyond active treatments

A partnership with Helpsy ensures patients have the right survivorship plans, all of which satisfy the Commission on Cancer Accreditation requirement.

The Problem with Providing Survivorship Care

  • Patients struggle to gather proper support & guidance post-treatment. They need survivorship care plans to monitor their ongoing health.
  • The Commission on Cancer (CoC) added accreditation standard 3.3 requiring survivorship care plans to be created and discussed with patients.
  • Creating customized survivorship care plans take hours of the care teams’ time.
  • Patients have large care teams where the responsibility of survivorship care plans gets lost.

The Solution - Partner with Helpsy

Helpsy Survivorship Care Plans

  • Designed to be comprehensive & customizable in order to help cancer survivors find relief for their health issues developed after treatment.
  • Developed by our team of integrative oncology healthcare professionals.
  • Combines evidence-based therapies from Western Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine to create an effective therapy plan.
  • Follows guidelines proposed by the NCCN, ONS, ASCO, and other professional organizations.
  • Provides a tailored approach to support your cancer team in creating survivorship care plans.
  • Provides direction to patients for maintaining their own health.

Survivorship Tool

  • Secure, online cloud-based solution making it easy for care teams to adjust the patients’ survivorship care plans throughout the different treatment phases.
  • Provides secure patient management and engagement tools to motivate patients and to help promote patient behavior change.
  • Integrates with EMRs to save the care team’s time and data entry efforts.

Ongoing Symptom Management

  • Remind patients of upcoming visits and tests.
  • Direct patients to in-network services.
  • Refer patients to local physicians and healthcare experts for ongoing symptom management.

A Proven Platform to Improve...

Patients using Helpsy’s platform to manage their symptoms showed improvements across all symptoms and quality of life metrics.

EMC Pilot Study: Performed by Helpsy, using prototype version of online platform, at EMC Clinic in Amritsar,
India, Completed Sept 2015. Paper is pending.

  Helpsy Intervention
Control Group
Quality of Life & Outlook/Mood Avg. % Change in 2 months Avg. % Change in 2 months
Certainty about the future 72% 0%
Life Satisfaction 79% 0%
Self-Concept 75% 0%
Quality of Life 78% 1%
Happiness 80% 1%
Overall Physical Health 75% 1%
Control of things in their life

80% 1%
  Helpsy Intervention
Control Group
Symptoms Avg. % Change in 4 months Avg. % Change in 4 months
Nausea -89% -1%
Depression -75% 8%
Inability to do normal activities -78% 0%
Aches and Pain -84% 0%
Sleep Problems -79% 1%
Loss in Appetite -80% -1%
Fatigue -91% -1%
Anxiety -82% 0%

Product Tiers

The Helpsy Survivorship Care Plan comes in different Tiers for you to provide the services patients need. All these Tiers meet the CoC Accreditation Standards

  • Basic

    Easy to use Helpsy tool accessible to all physician & nurses

  • Standard

    60 minutes consult with a Helpsy case manager + Basic Tier

  • Essential

    2 follow-up 30 minutes consult with a Helpsy case manager + Standard Tier

  • Premium

    Initial consult with a nutritionist, massage therapist, or physical therapist
    depending on patient needs + Essential Tier

Whats our Clients say

  • "My biggest regret with my first grandchild is I could not play with him due to my chronic pain and feeling tired most of time. Your team gave me the best gift ever. I have not felt so healthy in over a decade. Now I can run around and play with my grandchildren. Thank you Helpsy."

    - Jean M, 68, Fibromyalgia

  • "After my cancer treatment was done, everyone celebrated me as a survivor. I was supposed to be healthy and happy. But I felt broken, sick, sleepless and lonely. I was overwhelmed and did not know where to turn to. Helpsy was my rescue. They understood me and helped me to build my new reality. Thank you Helpsy for finding me."

    - Laurel A, 34, Cancer survivor

  • "For years, I travelled to conferences because that was the only way to find type of experts I wanted. Now with Helpsy, touch of a button, and I have access to the top experts in the comfort of my home. My Helpsy experts are my lifeline. Love it."

    - Susan S, 45, Multiple Chronic Conditions

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